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This is Walter. I am an automotive designer, born and raised in Hong Kong and Singapore, now based in California. With a passion for creating vehicles that blend functionality and emotion, Walter draws inspiration from diverse environments and experiences.

My Story

Growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore and now calling California home, I've always been surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences that fuel my creativity. My journey as an automotive designer is deeply intertwined with my personal passions and adventures.

Outdoor activities are more than just a hobby for me; they are a vital source of inspiration. Whether hiking through rugged trails or camping under the stars, these experiences provide me with a strong sense of empathy for the user's perspective, which is essential in my design process. They help me understand how functionality and emotion can coexist in harmony.

My passion for car photography began as a side interest but quickly became a significant aspect of my creative journey. Capturing the essence of a vehicle through the lens has given me a new appreciation for design. Each photograph is a moment paused, reflecting the emotions and intentions behind the vehicle's design. This hobby has deepened my understanding of how vehicles can convey specific emotions and narratives.

Cooking is another creative outlet where I find joy and inspiration. The process of experimenting with flavors and techniques allows me to explore different ways of expressing creativity, much like my approach to automotive design.


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